Rogue Ink

April 3, 2008

Some love for others. Especially Men with Pens.

I believe this is the article that started it all. Well, not for me, because I am not that good at keeping up with the blogosphere, but chronologically at least, this was the first in this week’s mad viral interviewing posts, and Lori over at Words on the Page credits it for inspiring her getting-ever-more-awesome series on interviewing (today’s post: How to Suck at Sales. Hey, that’s me! I suck at sales!), so here’s some link love for Freelance Folder.

I think it’s like yawning. You know how even if you didn’t see the person yawn, you still have to yawn? I think these interview posts are like that. With less likelihood that a fly is going to wander in there while your mouth is open.

In other news: I’ve discovered that the blogosphere is the best possible place to get advice on freelancing. When I first moved to New York (cue music), I called up every contact my mother had in the area, and believe you me, she has many, but most of them couldn’t be bothered and few of them had any useful advice for a just-starting-out writer.

Now, I’ve been corresponding with a bunch of folk over at Men with Pens about the difficulties of a freelance writer’s life, and my one measly whiny little post about hating to need gas money for an interview immediately kicked off a level of heavy-duty cheering-up, the likes of which I have not seen since the last time I knocked a front tooth out. There was James, one of the above-mentioned Men with Pens, who related a story that should bring tears to the eyes of any freelancer, about shoveling horseshit for a living, and this guy Brett, who said nice things about my blog and my writing, and this lovely woman Karen, who offered to advise me on auction sites, which I will probably be talking about in some detail when I grasp what they are and how to use them. And when I do, it will be because Karen helped me. Because she is more awesome than the professionals in New York all rolled together. I know. I talked to all of them.

Seriously. Men with Pens. They’re a great crew. They’ll make you one of them. Also, they’re just damnably good writers over there, and I need more brethren.



  1. Hi Tei: thank you for the link love 🙂 and thank you for what you said, see, I told you I’d drop in to say hello.

    Yes, the Men with Pens are awesome folks and great writers, and well, you are an awesome folk and a great writer yourself. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance today, and I look forward to reading your work in the future, and chatting with you out here in the ether.

    Once again, congratulations on your SF Chronicle article – I loved it.


    Comment by brettlegree — April 4, 2008 @ 12:45 am | Reply

  2. We love you back, Tei 🙂

    Comment by James Chartrand - Men with Pens — April 6, 2008 @ 1:00 pm | Reply

  3. Brett: Thanks a lot – you can’t say that nearly enough, because now my second one is in the hands of my editor and that man simply does not understand that I need LOVE to SURVIVE. It’ll be two weeks from now and he’ll call with my next assignment and go, by the way, you won a Pulitzer for journalism, well played there. So about this week, I’m thinking we’ll talk about water coolers.

    I’m enjoying your blog muchly too. Another thing I’m rapidly figuring out about blogging is that it involves a good deal more going to OTHER people’s blogs and writing over there than I would have anticipated. I’m trying to get into the swing of that. But I will be over to say nice things about YOU very soon.

    James: And you. Ding! ::cuddles under warm blanket of blog-love::

    Comment by Tei — April 6, 2008 @ 3:06 pm | Reply

  4. […] night (or Saturday night, comes to that) was that I was busy falling in love with the Men. I know. No one saw it coming. Least of all me. Big […]

    Pingback by A Love Letter to the Men « Rogue Ink — June 9, 2008 @ 6:06 am | Reply

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