Rogue Ink

October 7, 2008

Non-Profit Marketing Package Giveaway

I told you good denizens some while ago that I wanted to give away a free writing package to non-profits once a quarter. The first of those giveaways is starting right now, with a little extra bonus throw in. The very talented Amy Crook of Not Dead Yet Studios saw me posting on the subject awhile back and suggested we combine our powers to create the ultimate in non-profit giveaways. Being one who knows a good idea when she sees one, I took Amy up on the offer and we’re now jointly offering the first official Non-Profit Marketing Package Giveaway.

There are full details at Good Ink, please go on over to learn how to submit your favorite awesome non-profit. And of course, if you know anyone who might be interested, you should send them on down. All they’ve got to lose is the most awesome free marketing package EVER. FREE, I tells you! FREE!

We’ll be sending around press releases later today. If your local paper would like to get in on the action, just let me know who they are and I’ll send a press release to them too.

Go forth, good denizens! Spread the word!

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